Hi there!! We wanted to share some GOOD news with you all.

Our products are now featured on

What is TryGoodBuy you ask? Well this is an amazing platform that allows conscious shoppers to search and shop for specific products that cater to their preference! For example, if you only shop with woman owned businesses you can type that in the search engine and a list of products from woman owned businesses will show up! How easy is that?! Lucky for us we check many boxes like Black & Latinx Owned, American Made, Vegan & Cruelty Free and Woman Owned!!! You can download the GoodBuy App for free and even make a wish list of your favorite brands (like us *wink wink*) 

Shop Pretty Conscious Beauty products on the TryGoodBuy App and support woman owned businesses!! 

Also Check out our most loved product on the TryGoodBuy front page:

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