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What is "Conscious" Beauty?

'Conscious Beauty' is an awareness of what goes into the products that you use on your skin & body.

The terms conscious, green, clean & natural are all popular in this new age of beauty.

In regards to skincare, this means minimum to no synthetic ingredients
(ie: perfumes, synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives.)
As well as having a low impact on the planet by using biodegradable, recycled/recyclable materials and little or no plastics.


 Pretty Conscious believes in using the profound power of nature. Our products embody the value of cultivating the most beneficial, organic botanicals to nourish your skin. By eliminating the need for synthetic preservatives, fillers and water, all thats left is pure plant medicine. Using this approach not only leaves your skin glowing but it also aids in its overall health. 

We use organic and fair trade ingredients, sustainably sourced of course. As well as food grade aluminum tins that hold our body butters and can be re-used, repurposed & recycled. Because we care about your skin and the planet too!  
All that's left is guilt free, luxurious skin care that takes your self-care game to the next level! 

Xo, PrettyConscious.co

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